[Rasch] computing outfit mean-squares for each rating category in eRm (PCM)

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Dear Trevor, 


Thanks for your question, I am following the example from this eRm vignette:


On page 16, they show how to perform a likelihood ratio test between RSM and PCM. As in the example there, the test on my dataset is significant. 

I understand this means that the distances between category thresholds are not equal – if I free up those parameters the data fits the model better. I know that’s a lot of free parameters (31 vs 10 in my case). 

Should I consider other criteria when choosing between RSM and PCM?  Can you recommend a text where this is explained in more detail?


Regarding the outfit MSQ for rating categories, the authors of the paper I try to replicate follow this source:


Both RSM and PCM are mentioned here, no advice on model choice (paper has a different focus).

The paper I replicate does not mention which model they used. 



Many thanks, 




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Dear Alex

In what sense do you judge the PCM to have better fit? The RSM is much more parsimonious. Remember Occam's Razor.



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On 8 Aug 2016, at 5:16 PM, Alexandra Dima <alexadima at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Rasch colleagues, 


I am trying to replicate a Rasch analysis performed with WINSTEPS. 

They examine the item rating structure of an 8-item questionnaire (5-point Likert response format). 

One criterion they consider is that the outfit mean-squares are <2.0 for each rating category. 


I am using the eRm package in R – the RSM and PCM functions. 

PCM fits better, so I use it for examining item properties etc.

I can find item outfit and infit, but not outfit mean-squares for each rating category.

There must be a way to get it (I see the infit t statistic for each category in the Item Map via the plotPWmap function).


Any suggestions on how I can compute these?


Many thanks, 


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