[Rasch] Standardizing measures and standard errors

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Hi Mike!

Is there a place for us Down Under? Things are getting more dicey by the day here in Trump Land! Just joking, for now, but things could get ugly.


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> On Mar 10, 2016, at 5:13 PM, Mike Linacre <mike at winsteps.com> wrote:
> Yes, Stuart.
> You would divide the person and item measures and also their standard errors (model or misfit-inflated) all by the same number.
> Mike L.
> On 3/11/2016 2:43 AM, Stuart Luppescu wrote:
>> Fellow Raschies, I want to standardize Rasch measures and their
>> standard errors. I'm standardizing the measures in the conventional
>> way, and putting the standard errors on the standardize scale by
>> dividing them by the standard deviation of the measures. The question
>> is, is this method valid regardless of whether I use the model standard
>> errors or the fit-inflated (real) standard errors, or do I need to
>> revise the scaling factor to account for the changes in the standard
>> errors due to the fit inflation? My supposition is that I use the same
>> scaling factor regardless of the type of standard error. Amiright?
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