[Rasch] IOMW 2016: Final Announcements

Mark Moulton markhmoulton at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 04:38:21 AEDT 2016

*A Message from the IOMW Conference Committee:*

IOMW 2016 is upon us.  The doors open next week Monday morning, bright and
Some quick points:

   - Program.  The "final" program has been posted on www.iomw.org.  We
   won't be using a conference phone app, just a nice paper program given at
   the door.  Abstracts will be posted online.

   - Dinner.  We will be meeting for dinner and drinks at a local
   restaurant on Tuesday evening.  Stay tuned for details.

   - Pre-conference.  The Monday "pre-conference" is really a full day and
   a conference unto itself, starting at 8:30 am.  In addition to workshops,
   there will be presentations on *eight* measurement software packages, as
   well as a *panel* on the status and future of measurement software.  If
   you are at all interested in this aspect of our work (and you should be),
   do not miss it.  Plus, Mike Linacre will be there!  You can register online
   or at the door.

   - Awards.  Graduate students, you will hear from us in a few days about
   the status of your travel awards.  They will be distributed at the

   - Sponsors.  Finally, a heartfelt thanks to *MetaMetrics*, *Educational
   Data Systems*, *Meaningful Measurement*, and Hong Jiao's team at
the *University
   of Maryland* without whose support there would be no IOMW.

That's it.  We look forward very much to seeing your work.  Travel safely!

The IOMW Conference Committee
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