[Rasch] DIF test with 2-item scale

Svend Kreiner svkr at sund.ku.dk
Wed Jan 4 03:11:41 AEDT 2017

You can (and should) test for dif. If evidence of dif turns up, it is evidence against the Rasch model. The problem, as Thomas has already said, is that you have no way to determine whether one of the items have no dif.

Also, you would have to have many more items fitting a Rasch model to convince anyone that you have a valid measure of anything. Three items are better. In such cases you can meaningly do a statistical analysis of the fit to the Rasch model and the claims of both no dif and local independence, but what about the non-statistical requirement of content validity? That would require many more items, I think.

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I have several two-item scales. I am guessing that it is impossible to
test for DIF.
Is that correct?
Any suggested reading on the minimum number of items required to test
for DIF in a Rasch model would be appreciated.

Randy MacIntosh

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