[Rasch] Modeling response time

Stuart Luppescu lupp at uchicago.edu
Tue Jan 31 05:33:45 AEDT 2017

Hello fellow Raschies, I have some item-response-time data that I want
to model, and identify person-item interactions that take an unusually
long period of time, given the expected response time of the person,
and the expected time required by the item. The item-response times
range from 1 second to 90 seconds, and are somewhat positively skewed. 

Can I just apply a Rasch partial-credit model with 90 categories to
these data? If so, recommendations on how to proceed or things to watch
out for?

Stuart Luppescu
Chief Psychometrician (ret.)
UChicago Consortium on School Research

lupp at uchicago.edu

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