[Rasch] Removing misfitting items - Ben W. is right!

Gerardo Prieto gprieto at usal.es
Wed Jul 26 17:12:19 AEST 2017

Thanks, Mike.
But, removing misfitting anchor items in equating it is convenient?


> El 26/7/2017, a las 7:52, Mike Linacre <mike at winsteps.com> escribió:
> ".   removing the misfitting items only improved the results in the case of severe multidimensionality and large proportion of misfitting items, and deteriorated them otherwise."
> in "Investigating the Practical Consequences of Model Misfit in Unidimensional IRT Models",
> Daniela R. Crisan, Jorge N. Tendeiro, Rob R. Meijer, Applied Psychological Measurement, 41, 6, 439–455, July 2017
> Once again, the Rasch model is proved to be robust. Ben Wright is smiling .....
> Mike L.
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