[Rasch] Fwd: Reliability, separation and strata

Mike Linacre mike at winsteps.com
Wed Mar 1 21:14:46 AEDT 2017


Ben Wright's method does not use the sample of persons in its 
computation. The distribution of the sample of persons is irrelevant to 
his method.

Mike L.

On 3/1/2017 7:35 PM, Fabio La Porta wrote:
> Just the last question: the Ben Wright's method can work also on a 
> distribution of persons approaching normality?
> I am asking this because I like very much the possibility to define 
> graphically the ranges of the statistically different levels of 
> performance along the measurement continuum.
> On the other hand, I have always find it difficult to draw strata on 
> the measurement continuum, as they have, almost always, decimal 
> values, making the whole process rather inaccurate.

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