[Rasch] Looking for a Rasch tutor

Aiden Thornton aiden.thornton at research.uwa.edu.au
Tue Mar 21 10:28:12 AEDT 2017

Dear All,

I'm a PhD candidate based in Melbourne, Australia.

I'm hoping to identify private tutor to work with me on a series of Rasch
analyses I've conducted for my dissertation.

Ideally the tutor will be based in Australia, or otherwise is willing to
work with me remotely via Skype etc during Melbourne business hours.

My work is in the social sciences, and is focused on leadership and human
development.  Familiarity with the theories I'm working with is not
required as I can provide sufficient context, but deep knowledge of RUMM
will be important.

I'm an independent learner and have already undertaken basic and advanced
Rasch training courses with Prof. Andrich, however there are some technical
details that I need to work through with someone to ensure that my approach
is correct.

Specific help requested will include:
* validating and / or correcting the approach I've taken to specific
analyses already undertaken
* being a sounding board for additional analyses I'm in the process of
* I expect to need somewhere between 1 and 3 sessions in total

I'm hoping to publish as many of these results as possible, so need the
analyses to be undertaken at a high standard.

I can be contacted through my private email address at
AidenMAThornton at gmail.com

Many thanks,

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