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First, the deadline for the 2019 St. Petersburg (Russia) IMEKO Joint Symposium's abstract submissions has just passed, but has been extended as far out as 5 January on request by writing to vniim at imeko19-spb.org mailto:vniim at imeko19-spb.org . For more information, see https://imeko19-spb.org/submission-of-papers/.

Second, the abstract submission deadline for the 24-26 September 2019 International Metrology Congress (CIM) in Paris is 15 January. For more information, see http://cim2019.com/call-for-papers.html. Leslie Pendrill is a past organizer of CIM, a past chair of the European Association of National Metrology Institutes, and an impassioned advocate of expanded use of Rasch models by national metrology institutes (for one of many examples, see Pendrill, 2014). Four Rasch papers, including one by Pendrill, were presented at the 2017 CIM, and more can be expected for 2019. In contrast with the IMEKO Joint Symposia, which have national metrology institutes as members and participants, CIM is a tech industry convention attended by manufacturers, suppliers, and customers interested in the latest developments in metrology.

The Rasch connection with metrology has been developing for over 20 years. See Fisher (2010) for a summary of the rationale. A key turning point came in 2011 at the IMEKO Joint Symposium in Jena, Germany, where Mark Wilson gave a keynote and nine other Rasch papers were presented (for a list of titles and presenters, see Fisher, 2012).

After several years of similar levels of participation at the intervening Joint Symposia in Genoa (Italy) and Madeira (Portugal), and the 2015 IMEKO World Congress in Prague (Czech Republic), another turning point came in 2016 when Wilson and I co-hosted the meeting at UC Berkeley (Wilson & Fisher, 2016, 2018).

Following on Andrich's keynote at the 2017 Joint Symposium in Rio de Janeiro, the most recent landmark was the special session highlighted in the program at the September 2018 World Congress in Belfast, where Andrich, Cano, Cavanagh, Fisher, Salzberger, and Wilson gave papers, with additional Rasch presentations in other sessions from Jan Morrison, Emily Oon, and Maureen Powers. The poster by Powers and Fisher (2018) was awarded special recognition at the conference's gala dinner in the Titanic Museum.

The first special section on Rasch applications in the IMEKO Measurement journal recently appeared (Wilson & Fisher, 2018), and a second special section is in process (for some entries, see Andrich & Pedler, 2019; Hagell, 2019; Maul, et al., 2018).

The work that needs to be done in this area of psychometric metrology is hardly begun. Here's to hoping many of you will see fit to join in, continuing forward from the 1999 "Metrology Note" in Rasch Measurement Transactions:

"The construction of a measurement system does not stop with the initial work of determining that the variable of interest is in fact quantitative, and that the instrument in hand validly and reliably measures it. For our measures to generalize, we must become metrologists, linking different brands of instruments together into national and international systems that create and maintain common currencies for the exchange of quantitative value" (Fisher, 1999).

Happy holidays to all and best wishes for a prosperous 2019!

William Fisher

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