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If you're considering studying our Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory<https://www.acer.org/au/professional-learning/postgraduate/rasch> course, it's natural that you'll have some questions before you enrol.

To help you make the right decision, here are our answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Q: Do I have the right qualifications and experience to apply?

Our entry requirements are simple. We ask that you have:

  *   An appropriate 4-year degree, or equivalent

*         Experience or an interest in quantitative methodology

Not sure if you tick the boxes? Talk to our enrolment team  <https://www.acer.org/au/professional-learning/postgraduate/rasch>

If you already know you're eligible, don't delay: reserve your spot today! <https://www.acer.org/au/professional-learning/postgraduate/rasch>

Q: Do I need to be in the education sector to benefit from this course?

No - this course is designed for anyone with a desire to delve deeper into measurement theory. While the course discusses applications to the education sector, it is suitable for people across a diverse range of disciplines, including education, science, psychology, human resources and more. You might be an early career researcher looking to enter the field, data analyst or quantitative research methodologist.

Q: Can I use the unit towards a masters degree?

Yes, Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory is an accredited AQF level 9 (masters level) course, so you can get a taste of a masters by studying a single unit before committing to a full degree.

By successfully completing the unit, you will gain credit points towards a relevant masters (coursework).

Q: What kind of support will I get while studying online?
You're never alone on our Understanding Rasch Measurement Theory course. Our dedicated ACER team provide personalised support to help you stay engaged and on track to complete your qualification. Plus, you can tap into a vibrant community of creative and critical thinkers, just like you. Use the online forums to ask questions, share experiences and ideas.

Q: I'm not sure if I'm ready to study yet - will I miss my chance?
Not at all! We have courses starting in April, so you can choose the timing that works best for you. Apply by 18 January to start on 28 January OR apply by 12 April to start on 22 April 2019.
Still have questions?
Ask us! For any information on the course, studying online and the admissions process, call our student support team on (+61) 3 9277 5717 or email courses at acer.org<mailto:courses at acer.org>

APPLY NOW<https://www.acer.org/au/professional-learning/postgraduate/rasch>

We hope to see you studying with us soon!
Kind regards


Dr Anne-Marie Chase
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