[Rasch] Equating question

Patrick Fisher pfisher at SportsMeasures.com
Sat Aug 24 03:20:22 AEST 2019

Hello Fellow Raschies,

I've been presented with an equating issue that I am not certain can be 
solved without starting from scratch.

There is a certification board that wants to equate the exam of doctoral 
residents to the board certification exam. There are no common items and 
no common people. The populations of each exam are distinctly separate.

In my opinion, they should develop a new examination for everyone to 
take, from the first year resident to the soon-to-retire uber 
experienced attending. This way they will all be on the same scale.

Thank you all very much!

Kindest regards,


*Patrick B. Fisher, MA, President*
SportsMeasures, Inc.
DBA CharacterMeasures
DBA Psychometric Consulting Associates

PO Box 1205
Moline, IL 61266-1205
pfisher at SportsMeasures.com

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