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Mike Linacre mike at winsteps.com
Wed Dec 25 17:47:11 AEDT 2019

Dear Grace:

Thank you for your questions.

Your 1. eRm reports person parameters for every person:

 > res <- RM(datamatrix)  # CMLE estimation of item easinesses
 > coef(res)  # report the items
 > pres <- person.parameter(res)   # MLE estimation of person abilities 
 > coef(pres) # reports the person parameters

Your 2. R in Batch mode
I do this by writing R commands to .Rprofile file

Your 3. There are plenty of Rasch articles, for instance, 
www.rasch.org/rasch.htm -  www.rasch.org/rmt/contents.htm
and Google. For sample size, see https://www.rasch.org/rmt/rmt74m.htm

Your 4. Which archive?

Mike L.

On 12/24/2019 8:55 PM, wife wrote:
> Dear Rasch fans:
>     My name is Grace. I recently subscribed to Rasch listserv with an 
> intent to learn more about Rasch.
>     I need help with two questions.
> *(1) Is there any R package or any compatible programs (non commerical 
> ones) with R for* *estimating person parameters for the simple Rasch 
> model or Rasch rating scale model? *
>      I know eRm, but the outputs for the person parameters are 
> presented in term of summed scores. I would like person parameter 
> outputs to be presented in the order of person. For instance, if we 
> have 100 examinees, the output yields the results for the 100 subjects.
> *(2) Can anyone tell me how to run such a program with R in batch mode? *
> *(3) Can anyone recommend good articles on Rasch application in case 
> of small sample? *
> *(4) How may I have access to Rasch archive?*
>     I am currently in China and the firewall blocked many foreign 
> websites.
>     I would greatly appreciate if anyone can help.
> Grace

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