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Ricardo Primi rprimi at mac.com
Mon Feb 11 22:26:57 AEDT 2019

Dear list

I have a question about FACETS. I am working in a project where we have tasks translated into various languages administered to students within several countries. Raters are nested within countries, that is, a group A of raters of country A will score tasks of country A students, a group B of raters of country B will score tasks of students of country B students and so on.

I have two questions: 1) Do you know any similar study with these characteristics that employed FACETS? Specifically any idea of a design that can be employed to create connectedness and link measures, that is, create a metric that permits to compare countries? 2) The main interest is to estimate country means as reliably as possible. Do you know any study that address how person reliability (level 1 in a multilevel design) is related to group mean reliability (level 2)? A specific question is how design features (number of tasks, number of raters per task, rater agreement) affects this reliability of means at second level.

Thanks a lot  in advance

Ricardo Primi

USF, Brazil
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