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I mostly agree, but the first point seems incorrect. Facets was in fact designed for the case where raters grade only partly overlapping subsets of respondents. See RMT for examples of very minimal rater overlap …

Rense Lange

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Hi Ricardo,
In order to conduct a multifacet analysis the theoretical requirement is that all the raters examine all the subjects.  <<<<< NO

For sure, you cannot apply this design across countries. Here, you will want to test the requirement of invariance of the item difficulties trans culturally, i.e. the absence of DIF by Country.

Regarding the within-Country facet design, its feasibility depends on the amount of missing rater data.

I Hope this helps

Il giorno lun 11 feb 2019 alle 12:27 Ricardo Primi <rprimi at mac.com <mailto:rprimi at mac.com>> ha scritto:
Dear list

I have a question about FACETS. I am working in a project where we have tasks translated into various languages administered to students within several countries. Raters are nested within countries, that is, a group A of raters of country A will score tasks of country A students, a group B of raters of country B will score tasks of students of country B students and so on.

I have two questions: 1) Do you know any similar study with these characteristics that employed FACETS? Specifically any idea of a design that can be employed to create connectedness and link measures, that is, create a metric that permits to compare countries? 2) The main interest is to estimate country means as reliably as possible. Do you know any study that address how person reliability (level 1 in a multilevel design) is related to group mean reliability (level 2)? A specific question is how design features (number of tasks, number of raters per task, rater agreement) affects this reliability of means at second level.

Thanks a lot  in advance

Ricardo Primi

USF, Brazil
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