[Rasch] References for trialling/item development loop

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There is an extensive literature on this topic in medical education.  Go to Medline to search.  When I  get back to my computer I will post some links

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I would point people to work from Mark Wilson and the BEAR Center. They have several publications describing their work. Also
Wilson’s book is also excellent.

Book: Wilson, M<http://bearcenter.berkeley.edu/biblio?s=type&o=asc&f%5Btype%5D=100&f%5Bauthor%5D=8>. (2005). Constructing measures: An item response modeling approach<http://bearcenter.berkeley.edu/bibliography/constructing-measures-item-response-modeling-approach>. Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

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Dear List Members,

We have had a request from a colleague regarding a reference for best practice in how the trialling/item development loop works. We have done some searching but cannot find/are not aware of one. I’m posting to this listing as you may be able to help. Here is the request:
“We are looking for some academic sort of references for best practice in how the trialling/item development loop works. We do this, of course: develop and panel items, then trial them and look at the stats and feed that back into another round of paneling. We are all, also, familiar with a version of this for NAPLAN (Australia). We can't, however, find any good external references (other than those that are really specific about particular aspects of it) to help us on our way. Does anyone have some references or even a book or two that could help us out and those who are coming into the field, developing 50 or so external assessments for the first time?”

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