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Richard. Just had a look at the Ties That Bind in the latest issue of RMT. Great work.
Given that you have visits entries, which are of course critical and they are very telling, the following might be relevant. I demonstrated RUMM for the first time in 1998 IOMC as well.

Suggestions addition below in italics and then some explanation which I suspect you have heard before.

1977 AERA Training session NY
Andrich presents first resolution of Rasch model coefficients                                Andrich spends 6 months in Denmark
Andrich Spends six months at The University of Chicago

I had a one year study leave from UWA in 1977 and the first 6 months visited Rasch and second 6 months went to Chicago. In the first 6 months I interpreted the threshold coefficients based on Erling Andersen’s work. I went to the 1977 AERA workshop and showed the first resolution of the coefficients there. Attached are my handwritten notes that people encouraged me to turn into pdf.

It was based on this work that I published the 1978 paper and the 1979 paper you have listed.

I had encouraged Geoff Masters, who was Graham’s and my Master of Education student from 1974 - 197, to go the Chicago and he arrived there in October 1977. For the rest of the year I was showing him and Ben what I had done with the coefficients for the ordered category model and Geoff took that on as his PhD thesis.

That is essentially why Ben took it up – he had tried to work with this model before but gave up.

I had in fact worked out the model before 1977 but could not interpret reversed thresholds. Then in Copenhagen Erling Andersen showed me a prepublication copy of his paper that appeared later in Psychometrika. I had the insight that the reversals were a problem with the data – different thresholds could have different discriminations in the data and then the estimates of their difficulty could be in any order!

I will pick up some more when I get a chance.

We have had Rasch Probabilistic Models conferences in Perth 1998, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2018.

1972 – 1973 Mike Waller did an excellent thesis on dealing with guessing as a person-item issue, not item issue. I picked up with colleagues on this work many years later. I think from looking at some references others are picking up on this now.

Waller, M. I. (1973). Removing the effects of random guessing from latent trait ability estimates. (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Andrich, D., Marais, I. & Humphry, S. (2012) Using a theorem by Andersen and the dichotomous Rasch model to assess the presence of random guessing in multiple choice items. Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 37 (9), 417 - 442.
We put the above in JEBS because it had published Andersen’s theorem, which he had trouble publishing!

Trust you are well


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Does anyone have an update on the availability of RMT issues.  AERA/NCME and the Rasch SIG meeting are only 3 weeks away and I have not seen the usual RMT issue which lists the AERA/NCME presentations related to Rasch measurement.  This review usually appears in the fourth issue of RMT in each year.  I can only find V32 N1 online.

Richard M. Smith

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