[Rasch] Exemplar(y) Rasch articles

Bond, Trevor trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au
Thu Sep 26 23:25:58 AEST 2019

Dear RM colleagues,
I am pleased to let you now that the drafting of ARM 4th ed is going well. With that in mind, I seek your advice / help regarding selecting a few exemplar(y) Rasch articles to cite / summarize for the new edition.
In particular, some suggestions for inclusions for “Chap 10 Rasch Model Across the Human Sciences”, and citation suggestions for anywhere else you think apt. It would be better if the paper was readily to readers on the web.

Could you please email me separately at:
 trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au<mailto:trevor.bond at jcu.edu.au>
Including the abstract and a link to the whole article?
I’d be pleased to hear why you think that article should be considered/included. Please don’t let false modesty stand in the way of a self-nomination.
All of us together know more than any one of us.
With collegial thanks

Prof Trevor G BOND
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