[Rasch] Does Decision consistency = Reliability?

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Yes, but if you are also thinking of precision and consistency of response, then the apparent paradox is that consistency is inversely related to precision. It is explained in

Andrich, D. (1981). Stability of response, reliability, and accuracy of measurement. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 41 (2), 253-262.

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Hi Patrick:

Your question is not simple to answer.

Decision consistency?
1) Does a judge always make the same decision (give the same rating) under the same circumstances? = internal fit
2) Does a judge always make the same decision as the other judges under the same circumstances? = inter-judge reliability

1) Can the data reliably separate high performers from low performers? - Spearman reliability (Cronbach Alpha etc.)
2) Do judges reliably agree
(a) with the standard judge?
(b) in awarding the same ratings in the same circumstances?
(c) with which performances are better and which are worse?
These are different types of inter-judge reliability.

And other participants can probably think of more possibilities :-)

Mike L.

On 2/29/2020 5:54 AM, Patrick Fisher wrote:
Greeting fellow Raschies,
 Very simple question: does decision consistency = reliability?

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