[Rasch] The future of education? Call for Papers: AAAI 2021 - Virtual Workshop on AI Education

Mike Linacre mike at winsteps.com
Fri Oct 30 18:33:15 AEDT 2020


This virtual workshop - 
https://sites.google.com/view/tipce-2021/call-for-papers - is a place to 
exhibit our place in the new world of online education. Workshop topics 
particularly relevant to us are:

Knowledge Tracing (Response Prediction & Correctness Prediction)
Question Difficulty Prediction
Score Prediction

The paper submission deadline is November 9, 2020.

This workshop is organized by Riiid! - https://www.riiid.co/en/main - 
who claim to "lead the paradigm shift in the education market with AI 
technology." They are also sponsoring a response-prediction competition 
on Kaggle, which has a training dataset of almost 100 million CAT-style 
MCQ responses.

/Here's a speculation: /

My analysis of Riiid!'s Kaggle data indicates that around 400 of their 
on-line teach-and-test learning modules corresponds to one year of 
school instruction.

There are around 180 days in the school year, and around 5 subject areas 
to study. So, a student who does 12 online learning modules every school 
day will experience the same amount of instruction in a school year as 
in a conventional school.

There are about 6 hours in the school day, so that is 2 modules an hour. 
That looks possible to do, but it takes a lot of (self-)discipline to 

Is this the future of education?

Mike L.

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