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The latest issue of the Journal of Applied Measurement (Vol. 21, No. 3, 2020) is now available.  The contents of this issue are listed below.  If you have not seen the journal, sample copies are available on request.  Sample copies may be requested by e-mail.  Please address those requests to the editor.  If you think that your students would find the work published in JAM useful, we can also arrange for sample copies for your measurement classes.  Contact information for sample copies is listed below.   Please visit our web page at www.jampress.org for a complete list of articles published in JAM and the abstracts for the articles listed below.


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Vol. 21, No. 3, Fall 2020

A-priori Weighting of Items with the Rasch Model
     David Andrich and Sonia Sappl 

The Equivalence of the Test Response Function to the Maximum Likelihood Ability Estimate for the Dichotomous Rasch Model: A Proo
     Ben Babcock 

Many-facet Dichotomous Rasch Model Analysis of the Modern Language Aptitude Test
     Mitch Porter and Stefanie A. Wind 

How Well Do Simulation Studies Inform Decisions About Multistage Testing?
     Wenhao Wang, Jie Chen, and Neal Kingston 

Examining the Pre-service School Principals’ Impromptu Speech Skills with a Many-Facet Rasch Model
     Mingchuan Hsieh and Akihito Kamata 

Evaluating Longitudinal Anchoring Methods for Rasch Models
     Tara L. Valladares and Karen M. Schmidt

Exploring the Psychometric Properties of a Self-Efficacy Scale for High School Students
     Yuan Ge and Stefanie A. Wind

 Assessing Differential Statement Functioning in Polytomous Multidimensional Pairwise Comparison Items
     Xue-Lan Qiu 

Response Differences in Appraisals of Working Conditions among Elementary and High School Teachers
     Richard G. Lambert, C. Missy Moore, Christopher McCarthy, and Bryndle L. Bottoms

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