[Rasch] Journal of Applied Measurement: New Editor and Call for Papers

Mike Linacre mike at winsteps.com
Mon May 17 08:38:27 AEST 2021

Greetings. This is Hak Ping Tam (known as Hak) from the National Taiwan 
Normal University (NTNU). We would like to inform you that the former 
chief editor of The Journal of Applied Measurement, Dr. Richard Smith, 
has notified me that he would like to retire from maintaining JAM. 
Furthermore, he has asked me and NTNU to take up the task of managing 
the future operation of JAM. My university has recently agreed to 
support the continuation of this quality journal. NTNU will hence become 
the new publisher of JAM. Our team will try our best to carry on the 
good works that were laid down by Dr. Smith and serve the international 
measurement community. We would like to thank Dr. Smith for investing 
twenty years of hard work in bringing the Journal into existence and in 
guiding its subsequent growth.

Currently, we are organizing many things at the same time, but the most 
critical one is the lack of submitted manuscripts. Tutorial ones are 
also welcome. We are ready to serve the Rasch community in particular, 
and the measurement community in general.

Best regards,

Hak Ping Tam

Editor of JAM
jamntnu at gmail.com

(Emailed at Hak's request.)

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